Gross Motor, Balance And Vestibular Toys and Games

Gross motor skills require whole body movements that involve the large (core) muscles of the body to perform everyday functions such as: standing, walking, running, jumping, and sitting upright at the table. They also includes eye-hand coordination skills such as throwing, catching and kicking, as well as riding a bike or a scooter and swimming.

Gross motor abilities also have an influence on other everyday functions such as a child’s ability to maintain appropriate table top posture to be able to complete drawing, writing and cutting skills.  It also allows the child to properly and comfortably sit upright and attend to class. If Gross motor skills need to be worked on, academic learning can also be greatly impacted.  

Balance and vestibular systems are required to be successful during gross motor activities.


The vestibular system is responsible for maintaining balance, posture and the body's orientation in space. It creates a sense of balance and movement. If it is off, behavior issues are common. 

If you sense your child could use help with gross motor, balance or vestibular input, contact Tara for an evaluation and actives you can do at home, in the community and at school to help your child feel calm, capable and in control. 

Little Tikes First Slide
Perfect beginner's slide, sized especially for younger kids.
Hopscotch Rug
The Melissa & Doug Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug features a classic hopscotch design and 2 colorful beanbags for hours of jumping and counting entertainment.
Moluk Shell
Its unique shape arouses curiosity, engages imagination and stimulates creativity. Infinitely adaptable, it is the ultimate open-ended, creative activity toy. Sit in it, stand on it, spin in it or stack it. Rock it, fill it, wear it or slide it. Surprisingly expressive, turn it over and it has 'eyes' and a smile. The imaginative uses of the Bilibo are limitless.
Little Tikes 3' Trampoline
3-6 years of age. Perfect indoor trampoline for gross motor and vestibular stimulation.
Jumbo Foam Crash Pad
It is sturdy enough for jumping on and soft enough for sitting and relaxing. This New Crash Mat helps your child's vestibular and proprioceptive senses.
PlasmaCar Ride on Toy
The PlasmaCar rewards good hand-eye coordination and fluid movements and provides a fun way for kids 3+ to get exercise while keeping occupied. As kids learn to drive faster and more precisely, they will be developing motor skills. Young children who have trouble propelling the car forward by steering can still have fun on the PlasmaCar by pushing off with their feet. Because it has no electronics or motor, this toy is pleasantly quiet making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.
Exploration Pop-Up Tunnel
Encourage active play, which enhances muscle development.
Sit and Spin
Kids 18 months and up can spin their sillies out, while the active play can encourage balance, coordination, motor skills—and perhaps even a post-playtime nap!
Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse
Have fun while building muscle and improving little one’s motor skills. Bouncing strengthens the leg muscles, while improving arm and grip function as the child holds onto Rody’s ears. Core strength builds as the rider moves to balance.
Scooter Board
Work on balance and coordination while having fun with this scooter board for kids. Children will have fun building motor skills inside and out
Balance Stepping Stones for Kids
Stones for Kids help your child build confidence in their balance and coordination. Playing with the stepping stones kit helps them learn to determine distance and height.
Basketball Set for kids
Indoor and outdoor basketball hoop adjusts to six heights from 2.5 to 4 feet
Bowling Game Plush Monsters
Gross motor, eye hand coordination and sensory input from this cute bowling game.
Plat Ball
Unique sports toy that transforms from a 9″ flying disc to a 6″ fun ball when thrown–it’s like a Frisbee® ball. For ages 5+
Twister Game
Ages 6+. Classic game that is great for balance and flexibility
Jump Rocket Toy
3+ years of age. Every time they jump on the pump, the rocket flies! Great gross motor, motor planning, and coordination game.
Fitivities Game
Fitivities is the perfect way to get kids moving and having fun. With 20 exercises to complete, the game format motivates players of all ages to get active.
Yoga Spinner Game
Ages 5+. Yoga Spinner is a fun yoga game of flexibility and balance which strengthens the body and stimulates the mind. Contains 54 yoga pose cards, a spinner with storage compartment and instructions.
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