Sensory Toys

These sensory toys are designed to appeal to all of the sensory systems including: auditory, tactile, visual, proprioceptive, vestibular. 

If you feel your child may have difficulties with sensory processing, contact Tara for an evaluation and treatment plan, including a sensory diet. 

Splash Pond Water Table
Water play is extremely therapeutic, not to mention fun! Let them build their sensory skills as they squeeze the rubber frogs, flip characters back into the pond and splash around and make it rain.
Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair
Sturdy and Safe, this pod swing is great for swinging and squishing; offering great vestibular and tactile input.
Abilitations Inflatable Peapod
Most children can get in the "pod" themselves, applying deep, even pressure to the body. Rock side-to-side for that perfect cocooning-calm. Helpful and calming for neuro-typical children as well. Great addition to a "yes" space, a reading nook, or a safe spot.
Mini Rainmaker
BUILD MOTOR SKILLS: Shaking and gripping motions allow for development of fine and gross motor skills
SENSORY DEVELOPMENT: Bright colors, fun noisemakers, and textured sections engage visual, auditory, and tactile senses
ENHANCE LOGIC AND REASONING: Sensory engagement and tracking of beads allows for engagement and development of mental skills
VISUALLY STIMULATING: Colorful design allows for visual sensory engagement and development of color recognition skills
Recommended for ages 6 months +
Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer
This mesmerizing toy will increase your child's visual awareness and tracking skills. Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very soothing effect and actually help kids and adults with sensory issues. Makes perfect sensory toys for kids with special needs, autism, and ADHD.
Fidget Toy Set
This great fidget set comes with a carrying case. Perfect for travel it is great for stress relief, refocusing, and fine motor skills. Their texture helps ease stress and stop anxious fidgeting.
Water Play Mat
Water Mat is great for tummy time to help your baby build strength in the back, legs, arms and neck. The water mat provides fabulous sensory input and helps hand-eye coordination. For ages 3moths and up- great for older kiddos as a calming sensory play toy.
Huggaroo Weighted Lap Dog
Children can easily carry the Huggaroo lap dog pad around the home or classroom. Also perfect for travel.
Children love to snuggle, read, study, watch TV, eat, travel this weighted lap pad as it provides soothing calming pressure.
Vibrating Pillow
The gentle vibration will help soothe your child. Plus, the material is easy to wipe clean.
body sock
Sensory Sock could not only to help your kids to develop spatial awareness, but also could encourage creative movement for your children improve balance, gross motor skills, and proper postural control/positioning by allowing organization in the sensory system and provides Deep Pressure input.
Touch Lights Musical Doodle Board
Great sensory toy for travel as it's mess-free and portable. Perfect for every day use it provides 12 lights and six songs. The sealed gel surface lets little ones doodle with their fingers without leaving a mess. For ages 24 months and up.
Tangle Fidget Toy
If you or your child can't stand sitting with idle hands, this is the perfect solution for waiting rooms and car rides alike. Super fun and super portable.
Koosh Balls
3+years age. Fun tactile ball reduces anxiety.
Ages 3+. Great for tactile and sensory learning creative play
Glow in the Dark Slime
Slimy, messy, and glows in the dark. Add a few Marbles and you've got a super sensory texture!
Sensory Balls
The nubby texture of these colorful balls provides tremendous sensory and dexterity-building play. Baby can squeeze, roll, throw, kick and see through these textured play balls. The sensory ball improves hand-eye coordination and can be used to improve socialization skills when enjoyed in group play.
Kinetic Sparkling Play Sand
This sand is kinetic, so it sticks only to itself and not to you! This perpetually “wet” sand is perfect to mold, shape, and squeeze
Dimpl Sensory Toy
Ages 10months+ Push and pop them, poke and grab them; A perfect, portable sensory delight
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